FAQ about Worktasker

How Worktasker Works?

Worktasker is a jobseeker and employers marketplace where employers can post tasks and jobseekers can bid for the tasks. This marketplace is designed in a way that posters of tasks can understand as well as the workers that want to participate in the tasks posted. The process of posting the task or of earning money is explained here under.

Posting a task on Worktasker

Firstly, it is absolutely cost-free to post a task on Worktasker. There are many tasks that you can post and then get thousands of jobseekers to bid on your task to be completed. Almost anything that you need, you can get it done on Worktasker with multitudes of jobseekers having wide ranges of skills here.

It only takes a few minutes to post your task and explain it in details that what you really want. There are many people who have registered their accounts with Worktasker. The minute you post a task, it will be visible to thousands of those people. As a result, your task will be completed on time.

What happens when you post your task?

The tasks on Worktasker are classified in categories so that users can bid for the tasks they are most qualified in. For this reason, when you post a task, relevant people will apply for it. You will be notified about people who are interested to complete your task. From those people, you can select the best one you see fitting to complete your tasks. You can further communicate with the selected person in order to get your task completed.

Earning money through Worktasker

For people who want to earn money on Worktasker, you can sign up for a free account to start bidding on many tasks posted daily. There are thousands of tasks in various categories where posters need their work done. Once you have your account you will be able to apply for the offers and then earn money from that.

There is a certain fee that you are obliged to pay to Worktasker for the services offered. Just browse thousands of tasks per category and geographic location to get the work done and to earn a lot from that. You can agree on terms with the poster of the task and you can also set your own price. Once you have good reviews from previous clients, you will stand a high chance of being selected first among others and you can command high offers.

Just click on the buttons to post your task. Jobseekers will check your offer and act accordingly if it satisfies them. Call for help in case you get stuck using our marketplace platform.

Is there a membership fee to register an account with Worktasker?

Definitely no! Worktasker allows employers to post their tasks free of charge. No hidden costs when posting jobs to be completed.

How many tasks can I post on Worktasker?

You can post as many tasks as possible. For each task that you post you will find qualified jobseekers to complete it.

Which tasks are allowed on Worktasker?

Worktasker allows a variety of tasks to be posted on its website. It could be an office job, programming, gardening, building, or plumbing job that you post, it doesn’t really matter. You can post tasks to be completed either online or offline. Worktasker has got thousands of participants to complete any task at their disposal.

How do I post a task?

On “How it works” button, look for a “Post a Task” button which will simply allow you to post the task and explain it in a few minutes.

How to select the best person for my task?

Once your task has been posted, jobseekers on Worktasker will bid on it with their respective skills. Worktasker will then let you know through your inbox that people are interested to complete your task. You will have an opportunity to check their profile and then select them based on skills and other credentials they possess.

Are there obligations in hiring?

Absolutely not! You are not obliged to hire. You reserve the right to hire and end the contract at any time but provided several terms and conditions are followed in terms remuneration of completed work.

How much it is to outsource task from Worktasker?

You will have to agree on the fee with the jobseeker you assign the work to. Worktasker will charge the jobseeker you have hired a certain percentage out of the amount compensated with.

How can I pay the Jobseekers?

You can pay the Jobseekers by cash or electronically with paypal and pugglepay through Worktasker. Pugglepay is a payment method made only for Sweden and Finland.

What if I’m not satisfied with the work completed?

You can speak to the Jobseeker you assigned the work to in order to resolve the issues. You have to set terms and conditions for the jobseeker prior to awarding the job.

How reliable are jobseekers on Worktasker?

Worktasker allows you to pose as many questions as you can to jobseekers until you’re satisfied that you chose a reliable jobseeker. The jobseekers are not contracted by Worktasker.

For more questions, send massage to our Email box and we will try to answer the question soon as possible.