Terms and Conditions

Read the terms and conditions of Worktasker as outlined below prior to using this site. Access to this site is subject to the acceptance of the terms and conditions that govern the use of the website and its products. If you continue to use this website and its services it means you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of use as detailed on this page. Therefore, read them carefully because they are legally binding to the jobseekers and employers.

Worktasker connects jobseekers with employers. Employers can outsource work in many areas. It is therefore important that the terms and conditions are adhered to.


  1. Worktasker users should sign up their accounts either as an individual or a company.
  2. Jobseekers registering their accounts with us should be legally eligible to take part in any work with regard to age.
  3. Employers should provide valid payment details to Worktasker.
  4. Jobseekers should pay the applicable fee to Worktasker once they get an employment through Worktasker platform. Failure to pay the fee may lead to termination of your account with Worktasker and may lead to further action being taken.
  5. Worktasker account is not transferable. It should be used by the same person who opened it.


  1. Employers must agree to post legitimate tasks on Worktasker.
  2. All users must abide to the regulations when using Worktasker services.
  3. Jobseekers will fulfil the work they are selected for.
  4. Users must not use Worktasker for other purposes other than posting work and providing work.
  5. Employers shall not post anything on Worktasker that may result in other users, companies or individual, being harmed. Everything posted should abide by our rules and regulations.
  6. Users shall not sell anything using Worktasker platform. The platform is only for jobseekers and employers not a selling site.
  7. No fraudulent activities will be allowed on Worktasker platform.
  8. Employers posting tasks on Worktasker are still bound applicable employment rules including, but not limited to fair employment, compensation for work done, and safety.
  9. No illegal information or images should be posted on Worktasker. Worktasker reserves the right to delete such image or information and to deny the user services.
  10. Users must not post any information that contain viruses or any other malicious code that will damage the Worktasker website or harm any other user.
  11. If the employer and the jobseekers agree to perform a transaction through Worktasker, it should be carried as agreed. Failure to do that may result in one being enforced to do so.


  1. Users are not charged any fee to register their accounts with Worktasker.
  2. There are no fees charged when posting tasks to be completed by Worktasker members.
  3. However, when employers post tasks on Worktasker and jobseekers agree to complete them, jobseekers and employers are obliged to pay a certain amount to Worktasker for services offered.
  4. Employers may pay jobseekers salaries in hand but the Worktasker fee must be paid for every task posted on this website.
  5. Worktasker fees may be paid at the start of the tasks posted or at the end.
  6. Worktasker fees are not fixed. They will be calculated based on the tasks posted on this website to be completed by jobseekers.
  7. Worktasker reserves the right to change the fee structure and regulations governing the fees.
  8. Worktasker is not responsible to get payments from employers for jobseekers completed tasks. Therefore, jobseekers need to make sure that they are reimbursed for all the tasks completed.
  9. Any added service to our platform will be subject to these regulations.


  1. Employers must post clear tasks with reasonable terms and conditions.
  2. Worktasker terms and conditions govern all posts on this website.
  3. Any post should state clearly the duties to be completed, the compensation amount, the due date as well as the method to be used for payments. Payments can be made by cash or through Worktasker payment method.
  4. No copyrights should be infringed in posting any task on Worktasker. Employers must legally own any information they post on our platform.
  5. Jobseekers must not disclose their personal details on tasks posted hereon Worktasker.
  6. Jobseekers are bound to complete the tasks posted on Worktasker according to the terms and conditions that the employer has outlined.
  7. Jobseekers must complete the tasks posted here within the specified due date set by the employer. If the employer opts to set another due date then tasks should be completed in that period.
  8. When the jobseekers bid on the task and the employer agrees to that, they, “jobseeker and the employer” may negotiate their terms and conditions privately. They may also share personal and contact details for communications. However, Worktasker should be notified when the tasks are completed for fees due to be paid to Worktasker.
  9. The employer may cancel any task on Worktasker if it is no longer needed to be done as long as no work has commenced already on it.
  10. Jobseekers should only bid on the tasks they are skilled in to avoid dissatisfaction of work completed to employers. Feedback will be given for any work completed.


  1. Worktasker shall not be held liable for any damage suffered by either employers or jobseekers resulting from an employer or a jobseeker.
  2. Worktasker shall not be held liable for any loss of property or loss of life or any injury suffered by any of its users caused by, among others, failure of compensation, work poor performance, workplace safety conditions, and inaccuracy of tasks posted.


  1. Users must acquaint themselves with the privacy policy of Worktasker.
  2. Use of this site shows consent to the privacy policy which gives us access to your personal details .
  3. Jobseekers are responsible to disclose their personal information to the employers.
  4. Worktasker shall not disclose your personal information without your consent to any third party.


  1. Worktasker does not offer any mediation or dispute resolution to employers and jobseekers. Instead, they should seek independent mediators or resolve their disputes with law enforcement officers.


  1. If Worktasker intends to amend its terms and conditions, notifications will be sent to users. Following the notifications, users have to agree to the amended terms and conditions. Any continued use of the website and its services assumes acceptance of the modified terms and conditions as notified accordingly.
  2. Worktasker will give users a timely notification period to review the amended terms. After the period elapses, Worktasker shall assume every user agrees to the terms and conditions. If any user does not agree to the modified terms and conditions, then services or membership need to be terminated with immediate effect.