common questions

Do you have to pay a membership fee to register an account at Worktasker?

Definitely not! Worktasker allows the sponsor to submit his assignments free of charge.

How many missions can I send on Worktop bags?

You can send out as many missions as possible. For each mission you send, you will find qualified contractors who bid and want to perform the assignment.

What assignments are allowed on Worm Bags?

With WorkTasker, you can send different missions as long as they are legitimate and legal. You can send assignments that you can not or can not do on your own. This may include office administrator, photographer, wedding fixer, moving specialist, designer, painter, builder, programmer or craftsman.

Workbags allow you to upload a variety of assignments. You can send assignments that are to be done either online or in a dedicated location.

How do I submit an assignment?

Click on the "Send Assignment" button, then follow the three-step forum study to enable you to post assignments.

What happens when you send the assignments?

The jobs in WorkTasker are divided into categories, so users can bid on the assignments they are qualified for. That way, you know that suitable jobseekers will bid. You will be notified of people who are interested in completing your assignment. Of these, you can choose who seems most suitable to complete your assignment. You can communicate directly with the contractor and ask the questions you want to know more about.

How to choose the most suitable contractor for my mission?

When your mission has been dispatched, Wardrobe Officers will bid on it. Worktasks will inform you via your inbox who are interested in performing your assignment. You will be able to control their profile and choose the right based on the skills and other credentials they possess.

Do you have a duty to hire?

Absolutely not! You are not required to hire. You reserve the right to use and terminate the Agreement at any time, provided that the terms of compensation for work performed are followed.

What does it cost to outsource workflow missions?

Sending assignments is completely free. To pay to the contractor, you must agree on the fee with the job seeker you assign the work to. Worktop bags charge job seekers you have hired a certain percentage of the amount compensated when the assignment is completed and approved by both of you.

How can I pay contractors?

When you send an assignment, you can choose to pay the contractor either in cash or electronically with paypal or pugglepay via Worktasker. Pugglepay applies only to Sweden and Finland.

What if I'm not happy with the work done?

You can talk with the job seeker you assigned the work to solve the problem. You must set / agree terms for the jobseeker before the assignment is done by the job.

How reliable are contractors on Worktasks?

At Work Bags, you can ask as many questions as you like through a direct chat feature to the contractor until you are satisfied with the choice of a trusted contractor. You can look at their verification, CV, ratings and request desired references until you feel confident. The contractor is not employed by Worktasker.

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