Terms of Use

We want Worktaskasker to continue to be a nice and safe place online, therefore we have the following rules for our members. Worktasker is a service provided by Worktasker AB, Org nr 556990-4120.

General Rules

1. Conduct

If we find violations of Worktasker's Terms and Conditions, we may warn the member or remove the membership account without notice. In some cases, we will give the member a warning and we can turn off the member for a shorter period of time. If a member has been turned off for a shorter period of time and violates the General Terms of Service, this member may permanently be suspended. In case of serious cases, a police report can be made. When a member is turned off, everything that this user has written and uploaded will disappear. If you see someone who misunderstood you and you want to report this person, you can do this by sending an email to us at sales@worktasker.se or go to their profile and there you can choose more options and choose to report.

2. As a member of Worktaskerker you must register correct contact information

This means the correct name, home address or company address, phone number and other requested information in the registry feeds. If a presentation is not personal, it can be deleted after a warning has been notified to the person.

The advertiser is personally responsible for the content of the ad being correct. The advertiser is required to pay compensation for damage caused by worktops by the advertiser failing to comply with these terms or otherwise without care.

3. General Rules

Violation of these rules may mean that you are turned off.

Following Swedish law is a matter of course on Worktaskerker. Pornography, promotion of drugs and the publication of copyrighted material is prohibited on the whole page. You may not use Worktasker for illegal activities or for the distribution of illegal or perceived material, such as offensive. hot against people's groups, harassment, bullying, chain letters or infringements of copyrighted material.

As a Member, you agree that Work Bags, or Workplace Partnerships, can send offers, newsletters and other information via email.

When signing up, an ad will automatically create an ad watching new ads in your area. Likewise, you will receive regular newsletters from us. All mailings can be canceled by clicking on the appropriate link in the received mail.

4. Ads for competing services / services for Worktasker are not allowed

5. Member may not contact another member in cases of spam-like content

Spam-like content refers to things that can clearly be considered not relevant to another member, such as different types of proposals or offers on commission-based extra jobs. Nor is it allowed to market other internet services, sites or products.

6. Violation of our terms can lead to suspension from Worktaskerker and, in some cases, also a police report

Work Bags reserve the right to determine when an advertisement violates the rules on Worktasker and its spirit.

7. Additional Marketing

Workers have the right to publish the ad or parts of the ad even outside of Worktasker's products in time available by Worktasker or its partners to further increase the marketing of the advertisement.

eighth Worktop bags offer a number of features that are free

Work bags may change prices, as well as pay for services that are currently free of charge. Information about this will be sent to our advertisers and the information will be available at Worktasker.se.

9. All attempts at computer violations will be reported to the police

For example, uploading images containing viruses or other code that may cause damage to the site or to other visitors may not be allowed.

10. The advertiser is personally responsible for the content of the advertisement, its accuracy and performance of its offered services

The advertiser is obliged to pay compensation for damage caused by the Worktaskerker by the advertiser not complying with these terms or otherwise being treated negligently.

Rules are updated on a regular basis and can therefore change over time.

Additional Business Rules

11. Basic Requirements
  1. The company must be approved for F-tax.
  2. The company must be VAT registered.
  3. The company shall not have any major or significant liabilities at Kronofogden.
  4. In addition, the Customer undertakes to comply with applicable laws and regulations in executionone of the services for the Users, and otherwise perform their services in a professional manner.

    If the company does not meet all of the above basic requirements, the Offerer has the right to immediately cancel the Company's right to bid on the user's anonies.

    12. Message

    The company will notify Worktasker updated address and contact information in the event that they are changed. Notices regarding such information or other types of communications between the Parties in connection with this Agreement shall be transmitted by bids or recommended letter, e-mail or fax to the parties specified in the Customer Agreement, or later amended addresses.

    Worktasker AB

    Org. No: 556990-412

    Address: Knivstagatan 2, 753 23 Uppsala