Support and matching

Support and matching, stöd och matchning, is for those who need intensive and individually adapted support when looking for a job. You will be assisted by a supervisor from one of our suppliers. The supervisor supports you on your path to work or studies.

For whom

Stöd och matchning is for those who can work but who need more support to get out of unemployment. With the help of a supervisor, you get individually adapted support to help you to find a job or studies more quickly. For example, you can get help finding and applying for a job, creating application documents, contacts with employers, study and career guidance, study visits, language teaching etc. You have individual conversations with your supervisor once a week.

The support has four different levels. If you do not speak Swedish, you have the opportunity to participate in your native language.

You participate in the support for 3 months, then we evaluate how it has gone. We can extend the support by 3 months and in some cases by a further 3 months.

How it works